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At Manna Youth means High School and Junior High people. College age people are adults, although some special events will be planned. Since we have a focus on the greater university community, we can not and will not treat college age people as youth. College age people will be encouraged and expected to take a full part in the life of the church.

As with all ministries at Manna, youth will be trained to serve. We will not run an entertainment youth program, i.e. camps, choir trips, and mission trips that do some manual labor and then go to theme parks. Also, we believe in youth taking full part in worship services. There will not be special worship times for youth. Youth will be encouraged and given responsibility.

The special focus and emphasis on youth will be on training and dealing with serious issues. And, yes, there will be plenty of fun. Youth will be encouraged to learn Christian doctrine, develop Christian lifestyles, engage in Christian service, and engage in Christian mission projects. Additionally, youth will be taken seriously by the rest of the church.

When measuring our ministry to both youth and children, attendance and satisfaction will not be our primary measure of the success of lack of success of our ministry programs. Rather, the measure shall be the evidence of the instilling of orthodox Christian belief and practice. The greatest measuring rod will be the love our youth and children have for each other, the church, and those beyond the church.If you are interested in Manna youth work, please contact us by clicking below.

Youth Ministry Opportunities