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Click below to hear an example of Manna's Non-Denominationalism. 5.3 mb size.

Baptism Clip (5.3 mb-MP3)

Manna is a non-denominational church which is open and welcoming to people from all denominations. Denominations have become controversial as many people view denominations as a barrier to Christian unity. However, denominations are not the problem, but merely the visible face of Christian disunity. In fact, it has been amusing to see some non-denominational churches multiply and morph into little denominations, while some denominational churches hide their affiliations wherever possible. The test or goal is not non-denominationalism, rather the goal is Christian unity. Manna welcomes cooperation with all Christians who aid it in realizing its mission. However, where there is a clear difference on essential beliefs, unity is not possible.

Unfortunately, major denominations by their very institutional form have crystalized and ossified theological battles from the Reformation period centuries ago. Often times, these battles are either not relevant or have lost much of their importance. Yet, the Reformation battles are still fought by some denominational adherents. Meanwhile, many people who just want to know Jesus are turned off to the gospel. We at Manna have no intention to refight old theological batles. Yet, at the same time, we intend to allow the widest expression of Christian belief consistent with our essential Christian statement of belief. For a good example on how we might accomplish this, please listen to the audio clip with this page concerning baptism. Do you know people were killed at one time over this issue? You will find this wide rante of worship and ritual options somewhat unique but also very consistent with our ministry philosophy.

Why? We take seriously the task outlined in the New Testament book of Ephesians, Chapter 4, verses 10 through 13. The Apostle Paul noted that God's people are to be serving through active works of ministry in order to build the body of Christ or the church. This must continue until we reach unity in the faith and a mature knowledge of Jesus. This will allow us to attain the whole measure of faith. At Manna, we continue to make it one of our missions and goals to move beyond ancient denominational divisions while acknowledging our debt to the Christians who preceeded us and gave us the rich heritage found in the many denominations.