"...and God said to them, "Be fruitful and multiply...""

Genesis 1: 28

Manna is focused on ministry. The twin pillars of our church are service and outreach in love to others. People experience the real joy of Christian life only when they serve God and others. We were not made to be consumers in life but producers. God's first job description for humans was to be fruitful and multiply. This was true before sin and true after we sinned. It was true in Genesis, chapter 1, and is true today. At Manna everyone is encouraged to be get involved in something that engages their very being. Explore the myriad of service options, particularly in the Opportunities Page. The Holy Spirit may be speaking to your heart. Listen. Perhaps, there is a ministry that you have always wanted to get involved with, but you do not see it here. Don't despair. In fact, be encouraged. At Manna, our policy is to explore every ministry that is worthy. Most are. If you are willing to roll up your sleeves and work for God, let's prayerfully see if God can make your vision a reality through Manna. This church thoroughly believes that all people are involved in ministry and envisioning ministry, not just the church "red hots" and professionals. Come join us at Manna.

At Manna we follow a philosphy that church ministry comes from God to the people to the church structure. Often, the clergy decides what is ministry and then solicits the congregation to join in this project or that project. Almost nothing comes from church members up, rather ministry flows from church professionals down. At Manna we want to reverse that processs. Although there are a certain number of projects that the whole church should be involved in, most of our ministry will come from you. The church structure exists to equip and enable you to do ministry. On this page you see will see many projects and ideas in the planning-envisioning-formation stage. These projects are limited to what God has laid on our hearts. God may have placed something on your heart or you do not feel your talents or interests are reflected. We have an open structure at Manna. Communicate to us what you believe God has called you to do or where God has given you interests or talents. It is our job to equip you, enable you, and unleash you for the service of God through your unique personality. Hey, we can't think of or do everything. But, if you join us, maybe we can do a little more in God's service.