May 6--    Materialisms and Materialistic Philosophies control and direct many Americans.  How has this effected our lives?  How do we transform our lives?


May 13--  Education plays a primary role in the lives of many Americans.  Our expectations from education are tremendous.  Is our life investment in education really worth it or do we expect too much?  Is there a hidden agenda in our education?  These and other
issues will be explored.


May 20--   Is progress the answer to all of life's questions?  What is progress?  Have
we progessed?  We are told to wait and progress will solve our societal ills.  Does it
work?  Don't miss this compelling look at progress and the American mindset.


May 27-    Guest Speaker:  Rev. Jerry Hobby from the Riverside Community Center for Spiritual Living will speak about nonviolent living.  Don't miss this fascinating look at an
alternative way of living and being.