Manna Educational Seminars


Current Seminars: Life of Jesus


    Manna Church will present half-day or full-day seminars on a Biblical topic at least once a quarter.  Manna's pastor followed this seminar schedule at prior churches and hopes to expand on that schedule.  The seminars were extremely low cost.  Seminars give one the opportunity to learn a larger topic than can normally be covered within a short Bible study.  We have done one day walks through the Old or New Testament, the life of Jesus, the Law, and specific biblical books.  Manna is constantly updating and adding new topics.  We will be doing a one day study in the Life of Jesus this fall.  Stay tuned for details. 

    Additionally, Manna is interested in people who wish to work in this ministry.  You may be qualified to teach a seminar on a particular topic.  We would love to have you contact us.  You may wish to work in publicity,  publishing the materials, securing the location, and other important details.  If you are at all interested in working with Manna Educational Seminars, please contact us by email or by telephone.




       In spite of the greatest historical distribution of Holy Bibles people are more ignorant concerning biblical content and themes.  We can not expect people to live obedient lifestyles when they do not have knowledge of biblical principles.  I believe there is an even greater ignorance of basic theology and the big biblical themes.  When you couple this with biased preaching and churches pushing social/political agendas, there has been a great confusion about what the Christian life really entails.  Manna Seminars attempts to teach the Bible and biblical priniciples by taking an intensive and broad look.  Your participation in Manna Seminars will help combat the trend of biblical illiteracy.