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Everybody loves a movie.  Movies have become a primary form of not just entertainment but communication of ideals and ideas.  Manna Movies is a clearinghouse of movie making, financing, distribution, film series, and film festivals sponsored by Manna.  Manna intends to communicate the gospel through movies by several methods.
Manna Church is serious about communicating the gospel and fostering spiritual growth via this method.  This ministry will be under the direction of the Media Pastor. 

First, Manna will sponsor film series and film festivals.  Manna will use movies to foster thinking about spiritual issues.  Secondly, Manna will produce feature length film productions and shorts.  These productions will be produced to communicate the gospel better in our culture.  Check this page and the focus page for current productions and their status.  If you are interested in such a ministry, please click on the email button below.





    Manna Church has a burden to communicate the gospel in the most effective manner, while participating in the redemption of Christian media.  First, Manna Church will communicate the gospel in any technological method available to it.  Movies are particularly important.  Many are now calling movies the stain glass of our generation.  Stain glass was a primary means of communicating the gospel to illiterate people in the Middle Ages.  Movies play a similar role.  Movie images dominate our perceptions of reality.  Often, movie images dominate our reading of scripture. 

    Thus, Manna Church is serious about communicating the gospel via movie and video productions, both feature films, music videos, and shorts.  However, Manna Church is not interested in insipid Christian drama that intends to recreate the idealized decade of the Fifties.  This church is interested in edgy, contemporary Twenty-First Century Christian drama.  We are looking for people with below-the-line  and above-the-line experience or interest.  If you can write scripts, handle video and audio equipment, direct, act, or any other aspect of media productions, we need you.  You need to serve God.  If you are interested in producing quality and edgy Christian productions, including reality shows, dramas, comedy, documentaries, music videos,  and other productions at a quality, professional level, contact us. 

    Finally, Manna Church is interested in redeeming the state of Christian media.  Christian media has strayed from honoring God through Jesus.  Today Christian media is a loyal soldier in the culture war recruiting voters for the Republican party and its causes.  Biased programming, insipid dramas, and poor production values are not honoring to God or attractive Now, the answer is not the Democrats, rather it is listening to Jesus who said that His kingdom is not of this world.  Neither the Republican or Democratic party is Christian.  Both are sinful.  It is time to call a halt in the culture war and reach out to Americans for Christ, rather than to save America for Christ.  We'll let the Holy Spirit worry about that. 

    Check out work on our current production entitled, "Joseph".  This is contemporary retelling of the Joseph account from Genesis.  Joseph is a highly talented software executive in a family software firm.  The copyrighted and registered script is exciting and topical as Joseph through God's power triumphs over a beating that puts him into a wheelchair and a federal prison stint to help save and reunite his family.  This drama is true to the scripture as we attempt to retell this story in a current, California setting. 

    If you are interested in serious, edgy, and contemporary Christian media productions, Manna Church needs you.  You need to serve God.  Our witness must been seen and heard.  Consider Manna Church.  This might be the place where God wants you to serve.