The best way to get involved is to serve.  Manna Church is built upon service.  We have tried to provide many opportunities for service at Manna Church.  Furthermore, if you don't see what God has placed upon your heart, let us know.  If your idea honors God and is not already being done, we will try to make it a new ministry in this church.  We thoroughly believe the Holy Spirit guides the church by placing godly desires within the hearts of individual Christians.  The pastoral staff serves to encourage, enable, and equip Christians to minister.  Manna Church attempts to contact every person interested in Manna Church personally to aid people to identify their area of desired service.  It is time to unleash the power of the Holy Spirit through the lives of the saints.  If you wish to get involved in a ministry, please email us.

    Small-group bible studies are an excellent way to get involved.  All service areas are linked with small-group bible studies.  Also, there are small-group bible studies not associated with service areas.  These studies provide opportunities to study the Bible, to grow spiritually, and to make friends.  If you wish to become involved in a small-group bible study, please email us. 

    Opportunities abound to get involved with Manna Church.  If you wish to get involved and desire some help to get involved, please email us.  We really do wish to hear from you.