APRIL 1--    What do you do when you are on top in life?  We will explore what Jesus
when he was "on top".  It might surprise you.  Come discover the real story of Palm Sunday.


APRIL 8--       World Premiere of The Room.  Free Admission.   Come see this 33 minute short, a cartoon, and a surprise.  What does the dawn hold for a desparate and fearful group of men and women: death or hope for a new life?  You will not forget this compelling story.


APRIL 15--      The Ultimate Fruit.  There is a fruit that everyone desires but few have.  Discover what this fruit is and how you might enjoy this fruit on an ever-increasing basis.  This fruit has transformed the lives of billions of people throughout the world.


APRIL 22--       Desires and Passions.  They are essential to our life yet may prove deadly.  Many people see the issue as a matter of "controlling" passions and desire.  Perhaps that is not the right way to approach this issue.  Come discover a different way to look at passions and desires--a way that could transform your life.


APRIL 29--       Return from India.  Listen to Dr. Raj Nelson describe his recent six week mission trip to India.  He will explore the current situation in India.  This is an increasingly important and tumultuous region of the world. This will be a fascinating evening.