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Administration Opportunities

You will note that at the heart of the word "administration" is minister or service. The task of administration at Manna is to facilitate and organize ministry, so that people can minister effectively in the many areas of ministry at Manna. To administer is not "to run things". Also, the task of administration is not to serve as a bottleneck but to grease the machine. Administrators must have the heart of a servant.

Administratively, churches have followed one of two tracks; either they are organized to put on a worship service or they have become a true service institution. Most churches exist primarily for their worship service. Therefore, the organization task is easier, because it is in support of that worship service. However, there are a minority of churches that have become true service institutions. The ministries multiply and the complexity of organization can mulitiply. Often, a standard hierarchical structure collapses under this burden as committees multiply and bump into each other. The task for the administration of any service church is to facilitate the formation and working of the ministries, not to run things. Unfortunately, often the committees and governing structures mulitply faster than the ministries.

Additionally, Manna is commited to an "open architecture" system. This has the potential to compound problems. However, it does not have to result in greater complication if we remember what the role and task of administration is. Basically, what our open architecture system means a greater simplification of ministry formation. Listen the audio clip above. If a ministry meets the five standards, it becomes a ministry. The success or failure of a ministry is a matter for God, this church, and the persons involved. Of course, budget support will be much more of a problem.

How do we handle the hopeful strain of many ministries forming. First, by giving up the principle that administrators are in charge. We are not. God is in charge. If God has laid a worthy ministry on people's hearts and they are willing to go do it, then praise the Lord. Secondly, we realize that our role is to facilitate and help every ministry to be successful, not to do every ministry. We are not the gatekeepers who decide what ministries to develop or not and what ministries will live or die. Thirdly, our overseeing job is just that. Administrators should see the larger picture of Manna and help these ministries to beome part of the larger picture. We monitor and assist ministries. We serve as liasons to the larger church and other ministries. We assist ministries to help build the larger church. We encourage and build-up these ministries. We suggest. We do not dictate.

Frankly, the more administrators feel like traffic cops, i.e. directing church traffic, the more successful they will be. The more "good problems" we have, i.e. growing numbers, too many ministries trying to form right now, and so forth, the more successful the administrators will be. We will try to rejoic in the "good problems", because the alternative are the "bad problems", a smoothly running church that is dying or stagnating.

A good example of how administrators can be a roadblock, rathe than an aid to ministry, comes from a church that I was involved in years ago. A woman's Bible study was booming. Many younger women were coming and wanted to come, but childcare was an issue. The church did not believe that it could afford to pay for childcare from its budget. However, several older women from the group said they would pay for the childcare for this Bible study. Problem solved. Guess again. The church had a policy that individual donations to a specific class or Bible study was wrong. Also, there was a large issue about how to account for this money. So, the church decided to not accept this money. The Bible study began to decline. It is my prayer that this type of story will never be true of Manna.

In conclusion, if you like to "run things", administration at Manna is really not for you. However, if you like to encourage, facilitate, and help form projects that move from a dream to a reality, then you will be bleasse by helping to administer at Manna. If you are interested, please click on the link below.

Some Administration Opportunities (not exhaustive)