TECH REACH 1.0 is an outreach and outreach strategy to many lifestyles in Southern California.  The impact of technology upon our lives has been much commented upon.  However, technology has helped form many new important lifestyles that people have chosen in our area.  Tech Reach 1.0 is a joint responsibility of the Outreach and Technology Pastors. 

TECH REACH 1.0 is a special outreach ministry with several responsibilities.  First, technology lifestyles appear and disappear rapidly but are a powerful force in the lives of the people involved.  The first task of TECH REACH 1.0 is to discover and track the technology lifestyles.  Secondly, TECH REACH 1.0 will formulate and implement outreach efforts to these technology lifestyles.  Thirdly, TECH REACH 1.0 will coordinate service opportunities within the church for these lifestyles.   TR 1.0 will help the church understand how new techologics can further the church's mission.  Also, TR 1.0 will help the people reached through their ministry to understand the necessity of serving God through their lifestyles and talents. 

TECH REACH 1.0 will help Manna stay on focus.  Technology and its lifestyles will always be a central concern of Manna Church.  If you are interested in participating in such a ministry, please click on the email link below.