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How does Manna relate to the seeker?

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Manna exists for those who do not believe as we do. Reaching out to those who seek is a prime value in our church. Unfortunately, our neighbors have a bad image of evangelical or born again Christians. Most of our bad image is deserved, although some is hyped. (Read the Barna poll on this matter) We can only regain trust by doing that which regains trust. This is one reason, we will have no culture wars here. All people will be treated with respect and love, whether they agree with us or not.

1). I have the right to never have faith forced on me.

2). I have the right to never be treated in a condescending manner.

3). I have the right to always hear the truth.

4). I have the right for you to patiently hear my concerns and doubts.

5). I have the right to seeks answers to those questions and doubts that you can't answer.

6). I have the right to be steered to resources from my own study and investigation.

7). I have the right to be loved no matter how I respond to the gospel message.

(This is taken from When Bad Christians Happen to Good People, David Burchett: Waterbook Press, 2002. pp. 235-236).